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Soo Tze Oriental Antiques
Tasmania, Australia
Tel: 61 4 37500887

Suzy Lebasi of Soo Tze Oriental Antiques has been dealing in antique Asian sculpture, objects and paintings since 1983 . Soo Tze moved to Tasmania, Australia in 2005 and is now Australia's premier private gallery dealing in a broad range of Buddhist and related art and ethnographic materials from Tibet, Mongolia, Nepal, China and Bhutan, in addition to works from the rest of Asia. A small number of these items can be viewed at the Sorell Antiques Centre at Sorell near Hobart, Tasmania.

Our inventory covers a broad time span, and is of consistently high quality.

Since 1995, Soo Tze has regularly exhibited in the the Arts of Pacific Asia Show in New York until it's recent discontinuance, as well as Los Angeles, San Francisco and Europe's most prestigious Asian antiques fairs, with items from our inventory now found in many of the best private collections, galleries and museums in Australia and around the world.

on-line gallery opened: 09 Jun. 2003
Updated: 09 Oct. 2014 (Gallery1: Sculptures)        Updated: 09 Oct. 2014 (Gallery2: Paintings)        Updated: 31 Mar. 2014 (Gallery3: Objets D)        Updated: 31 Mar. 2014 (Gallery4: Rugs & Textiles)        Updated: 09 Oct. 2014 (Gallery5: Tsakli, Miniature Thangkas and Manuscript illuminations)        Updated: 11 Aug. 2015 (Gallery6: Online Exhibition – the demons of Mongolia and Tibet)        


Sculptures Our Sculpture Gallery presents 3 dimensional works of art from Asia's great cultures and religions - Buddhist, Hindu and animist. From miniature to monumental, and from the sublimely spiritual to the simply decorative. Gods, guardians and grotesques dwell here!


Paintings Our Painting Gallery offers a wide range of paintings in different mediums created for different purposes. Buddhist, Bon and Hindu icons from the Himalayan and Mongolian regions from 16th-19th Century are presented alongside Chinese and Indian decorative works and the European-influenced "Trade Paintings" and "Company School Paintings" of the 19th Century.

Objets D

Objets D Our Gallery of Objets incorporates functional and decorative items from all Asian cultures and in all mediums, dating from 1000BCE to the late 19th Century.

Rugs & Textiles

Rugs & Textiles One of Mankind's most ancient skills is the creation of textiles. Whether for clothing or furnishing - wealth and status were conspicuously displayed through the textile arts. Or Rugs and Textiles gallery presents the full spectrum of textiles from many cultures - carpets, embroideries, weaving and printing, dating from circa 12th Century until the early 20th Century.

Tsakli, Miniature Thangkas and Manuscript illuminations

Tsakli, Miniature Thangkas and Manuscript illuminations Tsakli or tsakali are miniature paintings in the Tibetan tradition on card or cloth. Sets of tsakli are sed in evocation rites to initiate novices, and also in the performance of certain rituals such as those associated with the Bardo, or After Death Realms.

Online Exhibition – the demons of Mongolia and Tibet

Online Exhibition – the demons of Mongolia and Tibet An exhibition of a little-known group of rare and unusual drawings and paintings of demons and spirits of Mongolia and Tibet.

This exhibition provides a glimpse into a medieval world where malignant spirits interfere with daily life, and influence the course of natural events. It is a world which though of the past, is still present.

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